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Unlocking The Secret To Grateful Children

This is THE gratitude journal to make a difference in your child’s life.
How? Through 60 days of writing about things to be grateful for, of course.

We can live in a world where our kids grow into happy, well-adjusted individuals who give back to the world.

We can teach our kids to be genuinely grateful for what they have, and aware that there’s more to life than always getting what they want.

We can live in a brighter world where our kids learn to be thoughtful, grateful human beings long before they hit their teenage years (and won’t that make those teenage years easier to handle!).

My message is simple: grateful children=happy children.

We adults already know how powerful gratitude can be.
It’s time to pass that power on to our kids.

That’s the whole point of I Heart Gratitude: giving kids the power to practice gratitude and experience joy on a deeper level. Neat, huh? 

So you see, it really is the perfect gift for your child, niece, nephew, or grandchild.

60 days to building a gratitude practice in a healthy, happy child? Yes, please.

Buy for your favorite kiddos for only $11.99!