HarperGirl Press

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What do you do when your publisher goes out of business without notice? Do you throw in the towel? Find a new publisher? What do you do?

I decided the start my own publishing company, Harper Girl Press. The vision for Harper Girl press is to grow over the next several years with the publication of additional gratitude journals.

I      Gratitude is the first gratitude journal published by Harper Girl press and was created especially for kids. 

My message is simple: grateful children=happy children.

I developed this journal because I think it’s super important our kids learn how to use gratitude for good in their lives. I believe it can become second nature to think of others and giving back to the world.

  • Parenting becomes smoother.
  • Relationships become stronger.
  • Children become happier. 
  • Joy is imminent.

This all started when I wanted to see my own daughter be thankful for her surroundings, relationships, and to also develop her self-worth in a creative childlike way. I came up with a system that is effective, fun, and created for everyone.