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"I gave my grandaughter one and she just loves it!. She feels like a "big girl" having her own journal. And she's really coming around and seeing what I mean about being grateful for what she has. And she sometimes even talks about how she has more than some of the kids in her class. (3rd grader)
-Jody Cowan

I Heart Gratitude Journal: A great place for your children to work through and document all the things they are thankful for.

Today I am Grateful For:

A hug and kiss from my children as I dropped them to school.

Food in the fridge to fill my belly.

Heat to keep the family warm in these cold NH nights.

There is so much to be grateful for, some days you may wish to only focus on a small, tiny fraction of what you can be grateful for in a day full of trials and tribulations, but if you can focus on just small grateful thing, that attitude of gratitude will help your day and yourself be uplifted. This is the perfect journal for children, and makes a good stocking stuffer this holiday season!
-B. Ellen


We have been loving I Heart Gratitude. A 60-day gratitude journal that teaches kids how to have a gratitude practice. Created by Michelle Lee-King, this journal is designed to allow kids to keep track of the things they're grateful for and why. With a mission to empower kids to understand gratitude, Michelle believes this will allow children to become happier and create smoother relationships amongst parents.